My Larken X is the most washed piece of clothing I own - I wear it all of the time.
— Christine, mother of two

I’ve finally found comfortable pieces I can pump and nurse in - all day and all night.
— Violet, first time mom

The Larken Signature Tank is ridiculously comfortable. It has the right amount of tightness to support my belly and is long enough to keep me fully covered, unlike many of the other tanks I’ve tried.
— Amanda, 9 months pregnant with twins

The Larken X has helped make pumping so much easier. I wish I had this with my first two babies! With two toddlers, I need all of the help I can get to nurse and pump for my new baby. The Larken X is the perfect fit.
— Kristen, mother of three

The best pumping and nursing top ever!
— Melissa, mother of three