Guest Expert: Liesel Teen, Labor and Delivery Nurse


We are thrilled to have Liesel Teen, a labor and delivery nurse and blogger, on the Larken blog sharing her best tips for expecting and new moms. Liesel is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and currently lives there with her husband and two year old son. Liesel is a wealth of knowledge on all things pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. She is focused on educating new moms and offers a fantastic online birth course. You can find her helpful advice on Instagram over @mommy.labornurse and her online course at Read on here to learn more about why she became a labor and delivery nurse and her top tips during pregnancy and delivery.

Why did you decide to become a labor and delivery nurse and what do you enjoy most about it?

I’ve always been so interested in pregnancy and childbirth, even as a child. I went through my labor clinical rotations in nursing school, saw my first live birth and fell in love. I knew I was destined to be in the birth industry in some way!

What has been the best and hardest part of motherhood for you?

Honestly, I think one of the hardest parts of motherhood for me was breastfeeding! I struggled a lot with my supply throughout my whole time nursing in the first year, and had a lot of stress about the whole thing!

What are your top tips for women in their final stages of pregnancy?

My top tips would be: Try to enjoy the later stages, even though it can really be difficult some days! You’re only pregnant for a very short amount of time in your life! Another tip I have is to SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! Like literally, sleep as much as you can, save those hours up!

What are your top tips for women during delivery and in the fourth trimester?

Focus on relaxing as much as you can in between your contractions. This will get you a LONG way, even though it is SO hard. Our instinct is to tense when we are in pain, but if we can trick our body to RELAX instead, it can be so beneficial! Additionally, in the fourth trimester, sleep is also essential, even though it’s difficult to come by. Just as sleep is sacred for your newborn, sleep should be sacred for you as well. If you have relatives or friends who are willing to help with baby, take their help!